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Elastix Upgrade

The Elastix Upgrade is a three-day course training that provides Elastix® administrators and integrators, with advanced knowledge and skills to design IP telephony Implementations, create distributed dial plans for large organization and solve common problems.

This training is the complement of the ECT course to obtain the ECE Certification.




This course has a total of 20 hours of training. Classes begin around 9:00 am each day and extend to 5:00 pm depending on the activity and pace of the instructor and class. Sometimes classes extend when students consult and participate with enthusiasm.

The third day classes run to 1:00 pm approximately. The certification exam is taken after completion of training and lasts two hours.




This course has a total of 10 theoretical chapters and 7 practices, all of them aimed to dominate the day-to-day operation of advanced communications.


Theory Practice
Instant messaging in Elastix
Speech synthesis and recognition
Performance and dimensioning
Security Recommended Practices
Advance Debugging
Expanding Elastix
Asterisk Compilation
Call Center module
Lab 1: Instant messaging in Elastix
Lab 2: Speech synthesis
Lab 3: Performance
Lab 4: Security Recommended Practices
Lab 5: Debugging
Lab 6: DUNDi




ECT Course and Certification




The Certification available for Elastix Upgrade is the ECE certification (Elastix Certified Engineer). This is an extended certification which means the student will be evaluated in base of previous Elastix Training (e.g. ECT).

The evaluation for this certification is performed at the end of the training on the testing center facilities. Please note that taking this course does not guarantee that you will pass the ECE exam.


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Important notes about the Certification

- The training and official certification material is the textbook: Unified Communications with Elastix Vol.1 and Vol.2
- You can find a free publication at:
- Taking the course does not guarantee that the attendee will pass the Certification exam.
- The training is an important tool to prepare the student but it is important to review the material, prior and during the course.
- The attendee can take the exam at the end of the training.
- The value of the certification exam is included on the price of this course.
- If the attendee fails he has one additional chance to take the exam and it will have to be scheduled for another date.
- All second attempts have a fee.
- All re-scheduled attempts has a fee.
- If the attendee cannot take the exam at the end of the training, his/her attempt will be re-scheduled.
- The Certification test can be taken only at the end of the training or at any Elastix Certified Testing Center.
- It is not the responsibility of Elastix or the Testing Center if the attendee fails the certification exam.

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