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The ECT course is a three-day training that provides Elastix® administrators and integrators, with the knowledge and skills to perform first level of support, create dial plans and solve common problems.

This course is part of the training for ECT Certification.




In Situ

This course is taken in a Testing Center and has a total of 22 hours of training.

Classes begin around 9:00 am each day and extend to 5:00 pm depending on the activity and pace of the instructor and class. Sometimes classes extend when students consult and participate with enthusiasm.The third day classes run to 1:00 pm approximately.

This format includes the evaluation of the ECT certification. The exam is taken on the final day after completion of training.




This course has a total of 17 theoretical chapters and 14 practices, all of them aimed to dominate the day-to-day operation of advanced communications.


Theory Practice
Installing Elastix
Linux for Elastix administrators
Elastix Overview
FreePBX inner operation
Elastix Basic Setup
IP telephone configuration
Hardware configuration
Asterisk Essentials
Advance Dial plan
Asterisk: AGI y AMI
Elastix: Advance Setup
Elastix remote Interconnection
Voice Quality
SIP, IAX and RTP protocols
Basic diagnose
Elastix Email System
Elastix Fax System
Lab 1: Installing Elastix
Lab 2: Linux for Elastix administrators
Lab 3: Elastix Basic Setup
Lab 4: Hardware configuration
Lab 5: Asterisk
Lab 6: Advance Dial plan
Lab 7: AGI y AMI
Lab 8: Elastix remote interconnection
Lab 9: Voice Quality
Lab 10: SIP, IAX and RTP protocols
Lab 11: Basic diagnose
Lab 12: Email System
Lab 13: Fax System




Each attendee will receive the following materials:

  • A telephony card
  • An IP telephone
  • Elastix Unified Communications Vol.1
  • A Backpack
  • An Elastix cap
  • An Elastix polo shirt
  • Support material for Labs and classes

Consult with your Certified Testing Center for a complete list of additional materials.




  • Reading the book: Unified Communications with Elastix Vol.1 and Vol.2 (Official text book of ECE and ECT courses)
  • Basic knowledge of file edition and manipulation under Linux
  • General knowledge on telephony
  • General knowledge on VoIP, specially signaling protocols, codecs, etc.
  • To install Elastix® on a server or a virtual machine.

The certification program staff has prepared the necessary information to review each request and complete it before you take the course.


  • Unified Communications with Elastix Vol.1 and Vol.2. - You can find a free publication at
  • Introduction to Telephony. - Review chapter 1 of the textbook. It is also recommended to review the presentation available at Introduction to Telephony - Slide
  • Introduction to VoIP. - Review chapter 2 of the textbook. It is also recommended to review the presentation available at Introduction to VoIP - Slide
  • Elastix Installation. - Review chapter 5 of the textbook. It is also recommended to review the presentation available at Elastix Installation - Slide
  • Elastix Installation: Download practice 1 here
  • Basic knowledge on Linux: Download practice 2 here. Note: You must perform this practice after the Elastix installation.

It is also useful to subscribe to Elastix® forum and mailing lists. You will find answer to common problems and configurations.







The ECT certification (Elastix Certified Technician) is part of this course. This certification is performed at the end of the training on the testing center facilities. Please note that taking this course does not guarantee that you will pass the ECT exam.

The certification is just available for training taken on a Testing Center.


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Important notes about the Certification

- The training and official certification material is the textbook: Unified Communications with Elastix Vol.1 and Vol.2
- You can find a free publication at:
- Taking the course does not guarantee that the attendee will pass the Certification exam.
- The training is an important tool to prepare the student but it is important to review the material, prior and during the course.
- The attendee can take the exam at the end of the training.
- The value of the certification exam is included on the price of this course.
- If the attendee fails he has one additional chance to take the exam and it will have to be scheduled for another date.
- All second attempts have a fee.
- All re-scheduled attempts has a fee.
- If the attendee cannot take the exam at the end of the training, his/her attempt will be re-scheduled.
- The Certification test can be taken only at the end of the training or at any Elastix Certified Testing Center.
- It is not the responsibility of Elastix or the Testing Center if the attendee fails the certification exam.

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