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This week we made a major renewal in the Addons section of our website where you will find details of all the addons available for Elastix.

Starting Elastix 2.2, it is possible to easily add new functionalities to your Elastix via the Addons module. It has been designed to offer installation and uninstallation of third-party software in the most intuitive way, allowing users to customize their Elastix, through the integration of different applications that will provide additional features or enhance existing ones.


In the new Addons webpage you can view a complete description of each available addon as well as various screenshots to help you better visualize the different features each of them provide. Also the prices of commercial addons are listed; some of the addons are available free of charge and others require licensing but can be installed in trial mode at any time.

Elastix Addons can be developed by any person or company interested in meeting specific needs of the Elastix user community, all while having the option to market their development. If you are interested in converting your idea or product into an Elastix Addon, you can find more information in the Certification Process section.

We hope this revamping of the webpage will help users get a feel of the various addons available for Elastix and get informed on how to participate as a developer.

As usual, your comments and suggestions are more than welcome.


The Elastix Project Team

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