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Honored with 2011 INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence Award Elastix as a communication platform for people with disabilities on emerging countries Functionality, quality and low costs are difficult to obtain. Many SMB companies around the world have the dilemma to implement top technological solutions to enhance their businesses, but must overcome…

ADA Foundation is a Medellin organization with several cases of success with support to people with some kind of disability. The project name is “Medellin on Roads”.

Villa Maria National University is an education organization established at Villa Maria city in Cordoba State, Argentina. Two years ago directives of the university order the transfer of the existing telephony network to an IP platform, with a preliminary evaluation of technical and economical feasibility.

The company is dedicated to control and supervise all sales contracts and transactions between the general public and the Dominican Republic government.

Travelwise is one of the largest and stable travel agencies of Dominican Republic. In addition to traditional travels, they offer outer space journeys with Virgin enterprise.

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