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Resellers / Distributors

Elastix values your interest in being part of the hundreds of companies worldwide whom promote the development of Elastix as the number one IP communication tool worldwide.

Elastix has proven to be a technology platform with a rapid increase of popularity due to its many advantages. As a result of this, the market of potential Elastix users and business opportunities are also growing every day. In order to materialize these business potentials we have designed a simple and well structured Reseller program.


This program is designed to allow companies and IT professionals to develop businesses around Elastix official products.  The program is addressed to System Integrators, Resellers and Solution Providers whom see Elastix as a valuable solution to satisfy the communication requirements of their customers and obtain a good margin during the process.

Application and Requirements

In order to apply to the Resellers program it is necessary to fill a Web application and you will be contact by one of our Regional Offices 


For more information please write to: