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Why Elastix® training versus other training programs?

Our training courses are different than others since we empower student to understand how to customize their Voice over IP solution and not simply use what's available. The student will leave the training program with detailed knowledge of how to confidently delve deeply into their Elastix-based system, unify its communications and integrate them to actual and futuro functionalities.

About the training

This training is the only official source for Elastix® related learning. Most of our students are Linux/IT enthusiasts and professionals; Voice over IP solution integrators, and converts from closed source and analog telephony systems.

Every program is designed to gain the knowledge and experience to master Elastix® gradually.

Available courses


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Coming Soon

  • Development 4 Elastix

Testing Centers

There are Certified Testing Centers in America, Europe and Australia, you can take a look at the actual list to find the nearest center from your location.

We are constantly adding new Testing Centers around the world and planning new dates for both programs.

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